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FAIR 23 – 25 MAY 2013 Open 10am – 5pm PREVIEW | THURSDAY 23 MAY | 6 – 8pm

FAIR was conceived as an art fair for art students and was built on the fair, or democratic, principle that, “it emerges from the interests and desires of its participants.” This year the participants, postgraduate students from Edinburgh College of Art’s Masters of Contemporary Art programmes, working in 6 separate groups, have freely interpreted the concept of a fair or ‘fairness’ to produce a diverse range of projects. The resulting works share a desire to question the spaces in which art and art history is manufactured, distributed and consumed. They include elements of performance, film, sculpture and installation. This year’s projects feature: a bespoke pub modelled on the refreshment tents found at traditional fairs, hosting acoustic music sets, live comedy and a pub quiz; a group who travelled together to Paris to approach the Louvre to acquire their work, with certainty of rejection; a living archive service aiming to dissolve the barriers between artist, archive and audience; sculpture and performance reflecting the liminal aspects of a fairground; a group reinterpreting each other’s work to be critiqued by a comedian; and an exhibition entitled ‘Tolerably Good’ by curator Cartel Orbit. This is a FREE event and all are welcome



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