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In the hothouses there are hybrids, entanglements of growth that have come into being under the canopies. Passing through a mosaic of climates; arid to moist, dense to sparse, everything flourishes and everything breeds. The mystique of worldly landscapes boxed-bound and miniaturised, unfolds in a series of laboratory environs. The Glasshouse conserves well kept specimens of unique creative growth from distant and extrinsic sources. Cultivating, displaying and entrapping – living – other-worldly phenomena under the refractory glare of sun-beaten glass.

In building a glasshouse a person might bring together a collection of vibrant occupants to dwell and perspire within. As such is the following contributions from writers and artists alike. This translucent box does play two tricks simultaneously, enacting cyclic growth and decay and the inter-meshing of organic matter. But is yet all restrained, constricted and purposefully modified into specified holding cells, castrated from the roaming world. Through glass we approach this visible dissection of a microcosm, forestalling a bodily immersion which we crave. In print do words and visuals gain this transparent film of allusion lifted from paper, a lens that withholds yet with focus, allures.

Compacted and contained in The Glasshouse Request you will find growths from the following occupants. A plane of glass to magnify may help in reading.

Lewis Den Hertog

Yen Yi Lee

James Clegg

Harriet Walker

Richard Taylor

Holly Knox Yeoman

Catriona Black-Dinham

Suzanne van der Lingen

Staxton Foley

Emma Drye

Oliver Benton

Cate Smith

Petr Nehyba

Sarah Leslie

Kate-Bowe O’Brien

Lia Marie Hillers

Niall Webb

Larisa Butenko

Joseph Priestley


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